WorkRise engages a diverse group of stakeholders to inform our strategy and carry out our mission of rebuilding a more equitable labor market so that all workers have access to opportunity and upward mobility. Our Leadership Board, institutional partners, and other members of our network represent diverse perspectives across our core stakeholder communities.

Working Knowledge

Stakeholder voices April 05, 2021

What Happens When You Raise the Minimum Wage? A Q&A with Arin Dube

A leading expert on the minimum wage and WorkRise board member reflects on the effects of minimum wage hikes across the country.

Elisabeth Jacobs

April 05, 2021
Stakeholder voices March 03, 2021

Supporting a Workforce That Makes All Other Work Possible: A Q&A with Palak Shah

National Domestic Workers Alliance's social innovation director shares key insights on the domestic care workforce and the solutions we need to support them.

Elisabeth Jacobs

March 03, 2021
Stakeholder voices February 04, 2021

Repairing Labor Market Institutions to Deliver Opportunity: A Q&A with David Autor

Autor, Ford professor of economics at MIT and WorkRise board member, reflects on raising the minimum wage, fixing unemployment insurance, and other reforms to ensure workers reap rewards from economic growth.

Elisabeth Jacobs

February 04, 2021
Stakeholder voices February 08, 2021

Bridging Workforce and Economic Development: A Q&A with Nicole Sherard-Freeman

WorkRise Leadership Board Member Nicole Sherard-Freeman shares insights on how Detroit is attracting companies, creating good jobs, and building a strong talent pipeline.

Elisabeth Jacobs

February 08, 2021