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Social determinants of work October 03, 2023

How Diversity Policies Shape the US Labor Market

In wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to ban affirmative action in higher education, this article aims to address the potential consequences by examining the economic effectiveness of affirmative action, exploring its achievements and critiques, as well as the implications of race-neutral policies in promoting equity in the labor market.
October 03, 2023
Skills and training September 26, 2023

The Impact of Student Debt on the Low-Wage Workforce

Student loan debt has a negative impact on labor market outcomes and economic mobility, with disparate economic impacts for low-wealth households. Burdens fall more heavily on Black and Latinx borrowers and those who did not complete their degree.
September 26, 2023
Job search and matching September 19, 2023
Research Summary

How Job Search Limitations Worsen Wage Inequality

Wealth inequality, societal expectations, and declining worker power worsen wage gaps by making it more difficult for people of color and women to search for better-paying jobs.
September 19, 2023
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Uneven Outcomes in the Labor Market: Understanding Trends and Identifying Solutions

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