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The Working Knowledge blog shares evidence-based insights and perspectives on rebuilding a more equitable and resilient labor market.

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Economic context April 26, 2022

New and Noteworthy: New research on labor market competition, degree resets in job posting, and more

This month’s column highlights a new US Treasury report that finds an insufficiently competitive labor market has given employers market power to lower workers’ earnings.

Archana Pyati

Skills and training April 08, 2022

How Randomized Evaluations Build Evidence to Inform Workforce Program Design, Policy, and Investment

Four takeaways from J-PAL North America and WorkRise joint panel on the power of randomized controlled trials in generating evidence to inform and guide decisionmaking and investment in workforce training.

Sam Haas

Job search and matching April 08, 2022

How “Netflix for Jobs” Is Unlocking Economic Mobility: A Q&A with Scott Jensen

Chief executive officer and vice president of external affairs for Research Improving People's Lives shares insights on how data, science, and technology can identify promising employment and training opportunities for jobseekers looking to earn more or gain new skills.

Andrew Boardman

Demographic disparities March 22, 2022

New and Noteworthy: Research on gender wage gaps, remedies for occupational segregation, and more

March is Women’s History Month, and labor experts and advocates are rightfully focused on persistent wage disparities between women and men despite laws against gender discrimination. Our column this month highlights new research focused on gender pay gaps.

Archana Pyati