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Employer practices January 24, 2022

New Evidence Shows Internal Labor Markets Favor Higher-Wage over Lower-Wage Workers

A recent paper from researchers at the MIT Sloan School of Management finds occupational stratification limits the benefits that internal hiring can bring to the workers who most need upward mobility.

Andrew Boardman

Employer practices January 25, 2022

New and Noteworthy: Research on predictable scheduling laws, postsecondary decisionmaking among youth, and more

New and Noteworthy highlights new research and data to inform policies, practices, and programs designed to strengthen workers’ economic security and pathways for mobility in the US labor market.

Archana Pyati

Economic context December 16, 2021

As Jobs Return, the Long-Term Unemployed Remain At Risk of Missing Out on the Recovery

Key takeaways from the AARP and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's virtual event examining current labor market issues, The Great Resignation and Long-Term Unemployment.

Andrew Boardman

Job search and matching December 15, 2021

If Left Unchecked, Algorithmic Decisionmaking Could Perpetuate Workplace Bias and Harms

This post highlights the challenges as well as the promise algorithms and other predictive tools hold for the workplace.

Jessica Shakesprere, Batia Katz