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The Working Knowledge blog shares evidence-based insights and perspectives on rebuilding a more equitable and resilient labor market.

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Supportive services March 15, 2022

What Happens If We Make Child Care Assistance Available to More Parents in Education and Training?

Reducing restrictions in the public child care subsidy program would allow more parents to receive assistance to go back to school, enabling them to complete a credential, raise their earnings, and reduce child poverty.

Gina Adams, Linda Giannarelli

Worker voice, representation, and power March 04, 2022

Unionization Declined Last Year Despite Growing Interest in Worker Organizing

What is the state of union participation in the United States today, and what does it mean for economic mobility and security? Here are three key things to know.

Andrew Boardman

Job search and matching February 22, 2022

Activating Pathways for Mobility: A Q&A with Opportunity@Work

WorkRise grantee Opportunity@Work is building a movement to dismantle structural inequities in the labor market to expand opportunity to workers without college degrees.

Archana Pyati

Demographic disparities February 22, 2022

New and Noteworthy: Research on discrimination in lending, a new equity-focused institute for direct care workers, and more

Structural racism has shaped the labor market and employment experiences of Black workers, but evidence that leads to action can help dismantle harmful policies and practices and rebuild equitable ones in their place.

Archana Pyati