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Worker voice, representation, and power November 28, 2023
Research Summary

Unions Raise Pay for Nonunion Workers

Research shows that the presence of unions improves wages for nonunion workers. The pay increase varies for workers of different genders and in different regions.
November 28, 2023
Skills and training November 14, 2023
Research Summary

The Key to Positive Employment Outcomes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Research shows that vocational education programs improve employment outcomes for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This study looks at the relationship between the number of job-specific training sessions completed and eventual community employment.
November 14, 2023
Job search and matching November 07, 2023
Research Summary

Better Job Matching is Better for Inflation

In this study, the authors examine workers who might be in jobs that don't match their skills and how their decisions to stay in a job or switch to a new one can impact inflation.
November 07, 2023
WorkRise Shorts
Worker voice, representation, and power December 12, 2023

WorkRise Shorts: Economic Security for Low-Wage Immigrant Manicurists with Lisa Fu

California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative executive director Lisa Fu discusses her WorkRise-funded research that examines two specific approaches to elevate the industry—high-road training partnerships and sectoral bargaining—and offers insight into how unions, community partners, workers, and owners can use these strategies to move forward.
December 12, 2023
Employer practices December 04, 2023

WorkRise Shorts: Paid Sick and Safe Day Policies with Marianne Bellesorte

December 04, 2023
Economic context December 04, 2023

WorkRise Shorts: What’s Driving Wage Differences by Gender and Race? with Kate Bahn and Mark Stelzner

Research by Stelzner and WorkRise research director Kate Bahn looks at the persistent wage disparities between similar workers of different races, ethnicities, and genders. The analysis finds a larger wage penalty for women workers who are Latina or Black and highlights how employers’ profit-maximizing strategies can reinforce racism and misogynistic views by creating wage differences and rewarding discriminating firms.
December 04, 2023
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