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Led by a cross-sector Leadership Board that is ideologically diverse and representative of often-siloed groups, WorkRise invests in research on policies, programs, and practices that have the potential to accelerate economic security and mobility for low-wage workers. We fund analyses and the creation of data that shed light on labor market barriers, trends, and opportunities. And we engage in strategic partnerships that help advance evidence-based solutions in support of our mission. Learn more about our most recent request for proposals and how you can collaborate with WorkRise.

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Economic context

June 01, 2023

Young workers’ economic mobility has improved since the start of the pandemic, but work remains to solidify these gains

Research shows that young workers have seen significant gains in their employment prospects since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skills and training

June 09, 2023

Shifting Narratives and Policies to Support Black Workers’ Advancement: A Q&A with Bill Spriggs

Shifting focus away from skills gaps and worker shortages requires business, policy, and academic leaders to consider different solutions a shift away from individual failings to systemic inequities.

Employer practices

Monday, June 26, 2023

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace: What’s Working?

In a tight job market, employers know that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace is key to…

Working Knowledge

The Latest

Job search and matching September 19, 2023
Research Summary

How Job Search Limitations Worsen Wage Inequality

Wealth inequality, societal expectations, and declining worker power worsen wage gaps by making it more difficult for people of color and women to search for better-paying jobs.

Annabel Stattelman Scanlan

September 19, 2023
Worker voice, representation, and power September 12, 2023
Research Summary

Understanding Diverse Economic Outcomes in the Transgender Community

This research study highlights the economic disparities faced by transgender workers in the US, underscoring the importance of inclusive data collection and antidiscrimination policies to promote equity and inclusivity in the labor market.

Oluwasekemi Odumosu

September 12, 2023
Worker voice, representation, and power September 06, 2023

How Unions Can Increase Firm Productivity and Strengthen Economic Growth

Evidence suggests that the benefits of labor unions are widespread for the American economy, for businesses and workers alike.

Kate Bahn, Joe Peck

September 06, 2023
Worker voice, representation, and power September 01, 2023
Research Summary

Unionized Energy Workers Concerned About Employment Frictions with Transitions to Renewable Energy

Research finds that unionized energy workers are concerned about transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy industries, emphasizing the role that workers must play in climate change policy discussions.

Enaya Saleh

September 01, 2023


Worker voice, representation, and power Brief August 09, 2023

Worker Voice, Representation, and Power

In this brief, we provide a summary of the research framework that informs WorkRise’s thinking about the importance of worker voice and power for low-wage workers’ labor market mobility. We then offer a series of specific priority areas for future…

Joe Peck , Elisabeth Jacobs

WorkRise Research

August 09, 2023
Job search and matching Brief August 09, 2023

Search and Matching for Jobseekers

Each month, millions of workers in the United States move into or out of jobs. For workers in low-wage employment, transitions to new, higher-paying positions are an important driver of upward economic mobility. For those out of work, regaining…

Joe Peck , William J. Congdon

WorkRise Research

August 09, 2023
Economic context Infographic September 12, 2023

Leveraging Federal Funds to Create Quality Jobs


The federal government has recently made large investments in communities across the nation, which state and local areas…

Pamela J. Loprest , Todd Greene, Ryan Kelsey

WorkRise Research

September 12, 2023
Social determinants of work Executive Summary July 13, 2023

The Rise and Fall of Underemployment: Implications for Workers' Health

This brief offers an overview of the literature exploring the connection between underemployment and health outcomes. Public policies can be crucial in mitigating the negative health effects associated with underemployment. However, more comprehensive data on transitions into and out of underemployment are required to inform future research and policy initiatives.

Lonnie Golden, Jaeseung Kim

Grantee Research

July 13, 2023