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Led by a cross-sector Leadership Board that is ideologically diverse and representative of often-siloed groups, WorkRise invests in research on policies, programs, and practices that have the potential to accelerate economic security and mobility for low-wage workers. We fund analyses and the creation of data that shed light on labor market barriers, trends, and opportunities. And we engage in strategic partnerships that help advance evidence-based solutions in support of our mission. Learn more about our most recent request for proposals and how you can collaborate with WorkRise.

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In Depth

Social determinants of work

October 02, 2023

Who Is the Low-Wage Workforce?


In Depth

Social determinants of work

October 02, 2023

Where Is the Low-Wage Workforce?


Skills and training

September 26, 2023

The Impact of Student Debt on the Low-Wage Workforce

Student loan debt has a negative impact on labor market outcomes and economic mobility, with disparate economic impacts for low-wealth households. Burdens fall more heavily on Black and Latinx borrowers and those who did not complete their degree.
Working Knowledge

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Economic context April 09, 2024

WorkRise Shorts: Stepping-Stone Jobs with Michael Schultz 

Recent research explores whether low-wage jobs are “stepping stones” that enable workers to move to higher-paid jobs linked by institutional mobility ladders and skill transferability.
April 09, 2024
Skills and training April 03, 2024
Research Summary

The Key Benefits of Career and Technical Education Programs in High School

Career and technical education in high school is considered a way to increase earnings and education after students graduate, but it also is a tool to reduce the most adverse socioeconomic outcomes in the years immediately following graduation.

Madeleine Sirois

April 03, 2024
Employer practices March 26, 2024
Research Summary

Consequences of Workplace Incivilities toward Women in Low-Wage Jobs

In honor of Women’s History Month, this research summary highlights the consequences of women’s exposure to misconduct in low-wage jobs, with the incivilities causing most of the targets to experience work-related anxiety and greater likelihood of job loss.

Oluwasekemi Odumosu

March 26, 2024
technicians talking near solar panels
Employer practices March 19, 2024

Employers and Policymakers Can Help Build a Greener Workforce

As the US labor market begins to cool, it is important that the new work opportunities created by the Inflation Reduction Act are protected and expanded.

Joe Peck

March 19, 2024


Employer practices Executive Summary December 13, 2023

Temporary Staffing Industry Testing Report

The temporary staffing industry is a $186 billion sector. The National Legal Advocacy Network team used matched-pair testing in Harris County, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, to generate evidence on potentially unlawful employment practices in this industry and found widespread racial and gender discrimination in access to work. These tests showed that agencies offered fewer job opportunities, lower wages, and less frequent follow-ups to workers who were women and/or Black than they did to Latinx workers and men.

Grantee Research

December 13, 2023
Economic context Report November 20, 2023

Quantifying the Costs of Rising Unemployment

Rising unemployment brings significant costs to workers, their families, social outcomes, and the economy at-large. The contemporary tight labor market provides a good opportunity for researchers to better understand the benefits of low unemployment and thus the risks of high unemployment.

Joe Peck

WorkRise Research

November 20, 2023
Skills and training Executive Summary November 15, 2023

The Workforce Almanac: A System-Level View of US Workforce Training Providers

This working paper describes the Workforce Almanac, a first-of-its-kind effort to understand workforce training at a systemwide level. The Almanac is an open-source directory of nearly 17,000 workforce training providers across the United States. This database offers the most comprehensive view to date of US workforce training providers and includes information such as provider names, locations, and types.

Grantee Research

November 15, 2023
Employer practices Executive Summary October 18, 2023

Who Has Access to Paid Sick and Safe Leave?

A new report by Family Values at Work and World Policy Analysis Center charts access to paid sick and safe leave in the US and identifies the most equitable policies in effect.

Grantee Research

October 18, 2023