Working Knowledge

Employer practices March 03, 2021

Do Good Jobs Promote Economic Mobility, and If So, How?

Elements of job quality can affect workers' economic mobility in both direct and indirect ways. Jobs that facilitate skill development could have the greatest potential for mobility.

Pamela J. Loprest , William J. Congdon, Batia Katz, Jessica Shakesprere

Employer practices February 12, 2021

How Do We Define “Good Jobs,” and How Do They Affect Worker Well-Being?

Our new blog series highlights evidence and areas for further research on connections between job quality and economic mobility. Our first post shares a new framework for understanding job quality elements and how they affect worker well-being.

William J. Congdon, Molly M. Scott , Pamela J. Loprest

Employer practices January 26, 2021

New Protections Needed for Contractors and Temporary Workers as Companies Continue to Outsource Labor

A new report highlights the need for an expansion of rights and protections for independent contractors and temporary workers, a growing share of the US workforce.

Archana Pyati

Economic context December 14, 2020

Meet WorkRise's Inaugural Slate of Grantees

These nine projects will build new knowledge on accelerating economic mobility and advancing equity for workers in the U.S. labor market. 

Archana Pyati