The Project on Workforce



Expanding Equitable Work-based Learning Opportunities

Thursday, May 30, 2024 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm
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Join Andy Navarrete, Head of External Affairs at Capital One, and Jerry Rubin, Visiting Fellow at the Project on Workforce at Harvard, for a Lunchtime Dialogue on expanding equitable work-based learning opportunities. 

In 2021, the Project on Workforce launched the College-to-Jobs Initiative, a multi-year research effort designed to examine the connections between postsecondary education and the workforce. The initial phase of research culminated in the College-to-Jobs Playbook, a comprehensive review of the evidence and implementation of programs that connect students to meaningful careers. Through their research, they identified six themes that warranted further exploration. This Lunchtime Dialogue explores the second theme: expanding equitable work-based learning opportunities to enhance applied connections between education and work.