Worker voice, representation, and power

U.S. Workers’ Organizing Efforts and Collective Actions: A Review of the Current Landscape

July 11, 2022
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The report summarizes research evidence on the size of the voice and representation gaps workers are attempting to fill, and provides examples of different strategies workers are using to address the gap. The report is the first research product of the Worker Empowerment Research Network (WERN), an interdisciplinary network of labor market researchers. The faculty and PhD members of WERN who authored the report reviewed worker organizing activities over the past decade to explore the wide range of approaches American workers are taking to express their collective voices in their workplaces, companies, and communities. By highlighting the wide range of organizing and collective actions occurring across the country, the researchers hope to lay a foundation for a broad-based, multi-stakeholder set of discussions about what needs to be done to support worker efforts to achieve more equitable, inclusive, productive, and resilient employment relationships.